Your Halloween Destination

Halloween arrives at Renaissance!

Halloween is coming quickly. Are you ready? No need to worry, Renaissance has everything you need!

If you are lacking inspiration for your Halloween costume, drop by one of our Fripe-Prix Renaissance stores. You will discover a wide selection of low priced, tax-free resurrected costumes and new accessories.

By shopping at Renaissance, you’ll find everything you need to create a unique, personalized costume for about $20. Our team is there to help you locate unusual and original items to design your disguise. You can also complete your costume with some new accessories available in the Halloween section of the Fripe-Prix Renaissance stores. 
Renaissance is THE Halloween destination for the whole family. Don’t wait any longer! Visit your nearest Fripe-Prix Renaissance store!

Some ideas to create an original costume for a low price

Have you found your Halloween costume yet? Renaissance has these suggestions for easy to create original costumes. The items and accessories used to make these disguises are offered to you at low prices and tax-free. The articles and accessories in the stores may differ from those suggested on the website.



Hunter80's GirlAngelShe-devil

Party RockerVampireSuperhero


Please remember that there are many different possibilities for each costume. Renaissance is merely offering a few suggestions. We invite you to come to the store to see the entire selection of Halloween supplies which we have to offer.

Your purchases do good!

Shopping at the Fripe-Prix Renaissance stores allows the organization to be 85% self-financing; 100% of the revenue is reinvested in the job training mission of Renaissance. Renaissance offers clothing and household goods at low prices and tax free to people and families on limited budgets and to the general public, these items make a difference in their daily lives.

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