Renaissance established a pilot project of certification to further enhance the value of its training programs.
  Since November 2016, sixteen participants in training at the Fripe-Prix Masson store and at the Distribution Centre have been following a program which is slightly different from the others. Indeed, upon completion of their training at Renaissance they will graduate with a  certificate in a semi- specialized trade. The certificate is issued by the Marguerite Bourgeois School Commission and recognized by the Ministry of Education. 
This program offers the participants who choose to follow the professional curriculum 375 hours of practical training within the stores in addition to 75 hours of theoretical courses on time management in the workplace. These participants can, from their fifth week onward (  after completing their probation period) can also choose to do some of their training within as well as outside of their worksite. 
Once they have their diploma in " ticketer-sorter", " stock handler" or " janitorial assistant" participants will be better equipped to find work or can continue their schooling because  they benefit from priority access to 21 different DVS programs ( if they have their their Grade 6).