On January 23,2017, Renaissance inaugurated its first job training session within one of its book stores. This pilot project underlines Renaissance's commitment to its social mission of professional reintegration.  With over twenty experience in its Fripe-Prix stores, Renaissance decided to expand its job training mission to include its network of book stores. This new project was readily accepted because it corresponds perfectly with the service agreement with Emploi Québec. 
This training program is quite similar to the others for sales clerk/ sorter/ cashier which Renaissance offers in its Fripe-Prix stores, that is a 26 week program where the participants develop the necessary skills to find work. The training offered in the book stores is however, tailored to the specific needs of that type of store and its specialized customer service.
The participants in this training program, as in the others, are supervised daily by the book store management team and will be accompanied 3-4 hours a week by a member of the socio-professional team.