Centre de don Cousineau-Promenades du Parc
A Renaissance Donation Centre is now located at 6250 Cousineau Boulevard, room 103A (at the corner of Gaétan-Boucher Boulevard, next to Benjamin-Moore store).

The Renaissance Donation Centre offers the Saint-Hubert citizens with items they no longer need a place where they can be donated in an ecological and responsible manner. Every person who wishes to do his part for the environment as well as the community is invited to drop off their donations of clothing and used household items.


Giving used articles to Renaissance is a gesture of generosity towards others as well as towards the planet. These items in good condition are diverted from landfill sites. Since the beginning of Renaissance, the resale of these goods has fueled the economic engine that has enabled Renaissance to help the thousands of people it has integrated into the workforce. 

All of the goods given to Renaissance support the job training program which positively transforms the lives of hundreds of people excluded from the workforce each year. Thus, all the items donated by the community are sorted, ticketed and put for sale throughout the network of the eleven Fripe-Prix stores, its eight Bookstores, a Specialized Boutique and a Liquidation Centre. All of the revenue is reinvested in Renaissance’s social mission which actually changes people’s lives by giving hope and dignity to people seeking a second chance.

For the opening hours of the Donation Centre located on Cousineau Boulevard, visit the section Where to drop off your donations?.