By donating to Renaissance and by shopping in their stores and bookstores, the public supports its job training program which literally changes the lives of hundreds of people each year.

Directly involved in the neighbourhoods where it is located, Renaissance offers services close to people who want to take action to protect the environment and also help their community.

Purchases which do good

Once received, the donations are sorted, ticketed and put for sale throughout the Renaissance network. This allows us to offer clothes and household items at low prices and tax-free to people and families on limited budgets and to the general public, which helps improve their daily lives.

The revenue from our Friperies stores and Bookstores as well as our Specialized Boutique and our Liquidation Centre allows Renaissance to be 85% self-financed. Knowing that 100% of the revenue is reinvested in our social mission one can conclude that, whether shopping or donating, it is all supports a good cause!

Would you like to support our job training program?