"I love working for an organization which has a heart. It is the human touch that I like most about Renaissance."

Selena has a certificate in Human Resources Management and Business Administration.She worked for ten years in the telecom sector, where she rose through the ranks to become Director of Customer Service. In 2010, she decided to change course, and put her expertise to good use for social causes. She was hired at Renaissance and became manager at the Fripe Prix Côte des Neiges, and then later at the Pie IX store. “I love working for an organization which has a heart. It is the human touch that I like most about Renaissance.”

In 2013, Renaissance felt the need to develop a training program for the permanent staff. With her knowledge of the inner-workings of the stores, her experience and background in Human Resource Management, Selena was the ideal person to head the project. Her mandate is to develop and update the training tools with the aim of supporting the operations throughout Renaissance. The concept of mixing both theoretical and practical training was accepted and thus the “Projet SAGÉ” (système d’apprentissage globale et évolutif) was launched! “I derive a lot of personal satisfaction in managing this project because I learn new things every day and above all I am able to relay this knowledge to others.”

Selena is responsible for the development and implementation of the online training used to improve the efficiency of certain key positions of the operations staff; notably the donation attendants, sorters and ticketers. “My position is stimulating because I am developing new skills, whether in online training, video techniques and editing or teaching. This covers many areas and helps me to progress!” The “Projet SAGE” is entering its second phase and will spread to other positions in the organization and Selena anticipates that she will continue to learn, to make further progress and to help her colleagues do the same. Isn’t that exactly what one would wish for in a Training Coordinator?