“The team at Renaissance is like a big family. The atmosphere at work is very friendly. Everyone knows each other, helps one another and is committed to the triple mission of the organization.” 

The triple mission and the values of the organization are what motivated Sébastien to apply to work at Renaissance. He is currently the Manager at the Fripe-Prix Renaissance store located at the Plaza Côte-des-Neiges. Sébastien has a thirst for learning, likes to take on new challenges and to be able to help those around him. That is why he loves his work at Renaissance. “The reality of the position of Manager at Renaissance goes far beyond the routine tasks of opening and closing the store, the pay, scheduling etc.” Actually, the social mission of Renaissance is an integral part of the daily work for the management team. “The people who follow our job training program are looking to acquire new work experience, and often arrive here at Renaissance with a different culture and different baggage. It is important, therefore to use a personalized approach with each participant and to take the time to train them well, so that they progress in the right direction. I find it very gratifying to be able to contribute as part of the team, to improve the future of these individuals.” Sébastien also oversees the training of the employees in production (sorters, ticketers, donation attendants, stock handlers, etc.) to ensure that the training they receive corresponds to their needs. “These employees also have things to learn and improve. The management team is there to help and advise them. I have also noticed an ongoing improvement in the store because of the training.” For Sébastien, to dovetail the training, production and the sales objectives constitutes a daily challenge. “It takes teamwork. I could not do it alone!”

Nota bene: 
In this testimonial, the use of the masculine pronoun includes the feminine and is used to simplify the text.