“My job as a sorter at Renaissance makes me happy and that is what counts for me.”

Since her arrival at Renaissance on May 31, 2007, Denise has always had the job of sorter and she has never been bored! Denise currently works full time at the Fripe-Prix on Pie-IX Boulevard. She selects which articles of clothing for men, women and children, as well as the bedding which will be put for sale. “I have my own space for sorting and I like that. At Renaissance, the guidelines and training which we receive help us to develop and to work more efficiently. Over time and with effort I have adopted a rapid sorting pace. These days, I can sort 12 bins of clothing per day!” Denise loves her job and is happy to come to work every day. “The wonderful team spirit creates a pleasant and stimulating work environment. Because of my many years of experience I am often asked to train the participants who are following the sales clerk-sorter-cashier training. I like taking the time to train them well and to share with them the pleasure of working.”