Renaissance accepts all household goods or clothing in good condition. For a detailed list, consult the section What to give? on our website.
For logistical reasons, Renaissance does not offer a service of home pick-ups. If you have clothing or other articles to donate we invite you to visit the section Where to drop off your donations? on our website to find the collection point nearest you.
Some of the donated clothing and used good given to Renaissance are not reusable. These are called “rejects”. The clothing which is not reusable or that remained unsold in our stores are sold by the pound to some partner enterprises that, in turn, sort the items and send some for shredding, padding, rags or a variety of other uses. Even though we do have a network for recycling, we invite you to give us only “what you would give to a friend”. The donations of clothing and other household items in good condition are the economic engine for Renaissance and support its job training program.
Renaissance does not give income tax receipts for donations of clothing and articles given by the public. Actually, the issuance of tax receipts would require a lot of time and internal resources which we unfortunately do not have. However, it is possible that we could make an exception for a large quantity of donations (many hundreds or thousands of items of clothing for example). In that event, however it is important to note that the value of the income tax receipt would be determined by Renaissance and a detailed inventory must be supplied. For all requests, please contact customer service at 514-276-3626 or email us at information@renaissancequebec.ca.

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