Yes, the participants are paid minimum wage for thirty-five hours a week.
No, transportation costs are not paid for. You will receive a salary for the hours you work.
No, the training at Renaissance requires daytime availability as well as during the evenings and on weekends. The schedule is variable and changes each week according to the needs of the workplace. It is therefore impossible to guarantee that you would be free at a certain time to attend classes at school.
To participate in the training program, you must be admissible by Emploi-Québec. The registration is done directly at Renaissance through the government computer system. It is therefore not necessary to meet with an employment agent from Emploi-Québec before registering for the training program.
No, however, during the training, you will attend workshops on job search preparation (editing a CV, preparation for interviews, etc.). You will also be advised by a counselor so that you will be ready to do your own job search, autonomously.
The aim of the job training program is to return to work, in a job, anywhere. Following your six month training, it is possible to apply to work within the organization. You will be considered in the same way as any other external applicant who wants to work at Renaissance. During the selection process, your candidacy could be accepted or not retained by the Human Resources department of the organization. 

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