Renaissance is always looking for partners who share the same values.


As a legitimate and recognized non-profit organization, Renaissance favours partnerships with established enterprises, which allow it to continue its triple mission: social, environmental and economic.

Is your goal to keep improving your brand while increasing your visibility? Form a partnership with Renaissance and set yourself ahead of your competition! A partnership with Renaissance would contribute to position you as an avant-garde organization which cares about the environment.

Good for the community, good for the environment


A good move for the community,
by contributing to the support of the social
and economic mission of Renaissance.
A good move for the environment
becoming a “green partner”
of Renaissance.

The advantages for you?

A valued public image

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by developing an environmental and avant-garde image.

Increased visibility

In conjunction with your communication services, Renaissance agrees to promote the partnership as well.

Become a partner with Renaissance right now! Send us the details of your partnership project.

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Sponsorship requests

If you have a sponsorship proposal to offer Renaissance, please send us the details indicating your needs and timeframe. Because we receive many sponsorship applications each year, unfortunately we cannot accept all of them. Our policy is to favour those projects related to the Renaissance mission.

Write to us

They are partners with Renaissance

Over the years, Renaissance has developed extensive partnerships. Renaissance is very grateful to these partners and benefactors for their support, their commitment and their confidence. They have greatly contributed to what the organization has become.

​Here is a list of many:
  • Partenaire Emploi-Québec
  • Partenaire Collectif des entreprises d'insertion du Québec
  • Partenaire Goodwill
  • Partenaire Recyc-Québec
  • Partenaire Desjardins
  • Partenaire Simplex Equipment Rental
  • Partenaire EPRA-Québec
  • Partenaire Les Établissements verts Brundtland
  • Partenaire Communauto
  • Partenaire Grenier populaire
  • Partenaire Les Amis de la Bibliothèque de Montréal
  • Partenaire Gap
  • Partenaire Tide
  • Partenaire Minitrade
  • Partenaire Osez le donner
  • Partenaire Beyoncé
  • Naître et grandir