« My counsellor gave me a lot of good advice on how to get the most from my training. »


A few months ago, Thanea was working for a company that packaged clothing. She wanted to change jobs but always had problems with her attempts. Though she had been in Quebec for ten years, she didn’t know who to turn to for help. A counsellor presented several options including the job training program at Renaissance which really interested her.

Last November, Thanea began the job training at the St-Laurent store and immediately  felt very reassured by the warm welcome she received. “From the first meeting with my counsellor, I understood that she was attentive and helpful. She gave me a lot of confidence as well as good advice on how to get the most from the training.”

Within a few weeks, Thanea had already integrated well with the employees and was also able to improve her French. “I liked the team work and getting to know people. I could always count on the support of the team to help me when I had trouble.”

With just a few days left till the end of her training, Thanea has already found a job as a seamstress and a clothing sales clerk. “I like it a lot because I had a similar job in Mexico for two years.”