“I now have self-confidence. I know that I have the capacities to work and to fulfill myself professionally.”

Sylvie was a stay at home mother for twenty-two years in her native country. Her husband wanted to leave the Democratic Republic of Congo to offer their three children a better education. The whole family arrived in Quebec on September 26, 2013. They were able to integrate with the help of a pastor. About five months later, Sylvie’s husband suggested that she look for work. She had never thought that one day she would be able to work. She thought that she was unable. But her new life in Quebec, and with the encouragement of her children she decided to try her luck with the job market. While out one day, Sylvie and her husband stopped by the Fripe-Prix store on Saint-Jacques Street. Sylvie spotted the pamphlets on job training offered at Renaissance. For her, it was the chance to obtain her first work experience. She did not delay, and phoned Renaissance. “My training as a sales clerk-sorter-cashier went very well. I discovered a passion for customer service. I also gained self-confidence. I realized I was much more than just a mother, and that I had the capacity to work and to develop professionally. The team is there to help you uncover what has been hidden within you.” Sylvie now has a part-time job as a clerk-cashier at the Bay in downtown Montreal. “I would have preferred a stable, full time job, but I am not worried. I now have the skills to find a job that suits me. My future is marvellous. My husband and children are proud of me.”