“What I appreciated the most were the people and their kindness.”

Rachid arrived in Quebec in 1999. He left Morocco, having sold his clothing business to “change for the good” as he says. He lost his illusions over the first few years because of the many challenges which occur during such an adventure, therefore, his arrival wasn’t easy. Despite the hardships, he was able to find stable employment with responsibility. Somewhat of an entrepreneur, he decided in 2008 to start his own daycare outside Montreal. However his business didn’t work out, and he soon decided to return to Montreal. He soon found himself with no reference points, discouraged, confused and unemployed. His state of mind at that point in his life did not enable him to find a job. “I followed training for housekeeping at the transportation department at Renaissance. What I appreciated the most were the people and their kindness. They were there to help me and it was like a family. I am a person who learns quickly and adapts easily, because I have had so many different jobs. When I arrived, I was closed in on myself. Slowly but surely I opened up and I regained confidence. It was a new beginning for me.” Today, Rachid looks after the housekeeping in the administrative offices at Renaissance, and the tenants’ offices at Maison Renaissance. “I love my work, I have more responsibilities and I know that with this experience, I’ll go far.”