“To build a new life, Renaissance is the winning course.”

Maurice has been in Quebec for seventeen months. His wife and three children are still living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They hope to join him here very soon. In his native country, Maurice was an artist, author, actor, and director and had completed studies in international relations. “When I arrived in Quebec, I received a warm welcome, but at times, the loneliness weighed heavily on me. I missed my family and I found it difficult to be so far from them. I also had to start back from square one. I quickly discovered that to meet that challenge I would need a lot of humility and a lot of patience.” A friend of his suggested that he follow the sales clerk-sorter-cashier training at Renaissance. “I really liked learning new tasks. I now have experience in Customer Service and in using a cash register. Renaissance is a winning course to build a new life. My training gave me hope and helped me gain self assurance. New possibilities are open to me now!” For Maurice, the training at Renaissance allowed him to acquire his first work experience in Quebec. It opened doors to the future. “I am working now as a sales associate at Zara. I am optimistic for the future. I know that my family will join me shortly. In addition, I am earning a living while following my passion. Could there be a better place for an artist to work than in the fashion and design domain?”