“I want to help others as I have been helped.”

Mariam was always a merchant. A very versatile and resourceful person, she held three jobs in the DRC. She left her homeland in 2012 to follow her French husband who had decided to immigrate to Quebec. Upon arrival here, she had trouble finding a job due to her lack of work experience in Quebec. Her husband, who shopped at a Fripe-Prix Renaissance store, told her about the job training program. “I learned a lot as a sales clerk-sorter-cashier at Renaissance because everything here was new for me. At first it wasn’t easy. There was pressure and a fear of the unknown, but I had to find my place and become familiar with the new job market.” Today, Mariam is a decor consultant at the Marché du Store on Jean-Talon West in Saint-Léonard, and is in training to become a manager. “I see my future at Marché du Store, and I want to help others as I have been helped.”