“The training helped me to regain the self-confidence I had lost.”

An interior decorator by profession, Lise suddenly fell sick and lost everything. Without resources and alone to raise her son, she had to ask for welfare. When she was healthier, she looked for work but with no success. “When I arrived at Renaissance to train as a sales clerk, sorter and cashier at the Pie-IX store, I had no self-confidence, to me I was washed-up. Selena, the manager, and Andréanne, my trainer, were fabulous. They helped me overcome so much, especially when I began my training at the cash register - I felt like I would never be able to do it.” Lise got a job in customer service before finishing her training. Today, she is waiting to hear back about a job as a cashier in a grocery store. She looks at the future serenely and knows that the job market is open for her. She still hopes to return to her profession as a decorator.