“Renaissance showed me how to assert myself and I gained self-confidence.”

Linda arrived in Québec in 1990 and began working in sewing, a trade she had already done in Haiti. Following the crisis in the textile industry, she was out
of work and in 2010 went in search of a new job. “It is difficult to find work when you reach a certain age, especially when you have worked your whole life in the same field and you don’t know anything else.”Linda thought that it was the end of her professional life and she expected a modest retirement ahead. “When one doesn’t work for a while, one loses autonomy and we lose self-esteem. It becomes a vicious circle.”

In November 2015, one of her friends told her about the job training offered at Renaissance; she went there and immediately began her training at the St-Laurent store. “I learned a tremendous amount about retail sales, work on a cash register and I really liked the contact with the clients.”Linda felt supported by the training team. At the end of her training, her socio-professional counsellor helped her rework her CV and to prepare for interviews.

“Renaissance showed me how to assert myself and I gained self-confidence.” She didn’t have to wait long for the results. Linda found full-time work as a lunchtime monitor at l’école des Cinq Continents with children in difficulty. These days, she is devoted to this job she loves and hopes to stay there until she retires. “I am very grateful to Renaissance, I was in darkness and suddenly I found hope.”