“I know that it is because of my own will that I am where I am now, but sometimes we need a helping hand and for me, Renaissance was that helping hand.”

Lahcen worked in computers in his country of origin. Feeling restless, he came to Quebec and liked it so much he decided to make his life here. He studied to become a nurses’ aide but could not find a stable job. “The job training program at Renaissance as a sales clerk-sorter-cashier at the Masson store helped me to find my path in life. I was living on the periphery and now, thanks to my trainer, Maryse, and the whole team at the store, I have returned to the heart of life”, he says wisely. Now, thanks to his new job, Lahcen takes life as it comes and enjoys it fully. He is going to move into a bigger apartment soon and knows that his life ahead will be full of surprises!