“My training allowed me to better understand the reality of the job market in Quebec. With this experience, I had no trouble to find my actual job.”

Jean Marius arrived in Quebec with his wife and their six children on October 19, 2012. In Gabon, he worked in rail transportation and gradually moved up the ranks. He had training in civil engineering and as a technician to drive construction machinery. It was his wife’s idea to leave Gabon. She wanted a better future for their children. Upon their arrival here, they spent their first three days in a hotel and it was the hotel employees who helped them to find their first home. Because his diplomas were not recognized here, Jean Marius approached placement agencies. “My integration was difficult because I couldn’t get a job.” Jean Marius turned to Emploi-Québec who suggested that he follow the job training program at Renaissance. “My training as a stock handler went very well. The coaching and training I received taught me to respect a work schedule. The whole team helped me to understand and adapt to the reality of the job market in Quebec.” In July 2014, Jean Marius was offered a job as an upholsterer at Groupe Lacasse. “Thanks to Renaissance, I have work experience in Quebec. Therefore, I did not have trouble to find this job, and I feel comfortable in the work I do. I am less stressed and worried. I look forward to the future with confidence and optimism. By setting goals and by forcing myself to reach them, I know that my efforts will bear fruit. It takes a bit of organization and discipline” he declared.