“The first day was already a victory for me because I knew that I was being given the chance to reintegrate backinto the workforce.”

Guerson arrived in Montreal when he was twenty-three years old, and worked for the next nineteen years at the Canadian National Railway. At first, he worked as a truck driver, then worked his way up the ranks to supervisor, operator, signaler and then inspector. He took an early retirement but realized after six years he wasn’t very active but still had several more years before actual retirement. He started to look for work, but it wasn’t easy at fifty-five. The government sent him to a community group that referred him to Renaissance. “The first day was already a victory for me because I knew that I was being given the chance to reintegrate back into the workforce.”

Supported and encouraged by the team, Guerson was fully committed to the training as a stock-handler-forklift operator. He also motivated his colleagues. “The socio-professional counsellors do a colossal job and Renaissance is a useful organization for society. We feel accompanied and supported form start to finish.” Guerson just finished his training, and he already has several possibilities for jobs that are being finalized. “I regained self-confidence and I only have good things to say about my experience at Renaissance.”