“Renaissance has truly changed my life.”

Originally from Rwanda, François and his wife were fleeing the war for many years. They moved on foot to Central Africa then to western Africa. Before leaving to come to Quebec, they lived in Togo where François worked as an assistant mason on buildings under construction and also worked on road maintenance. With the help of a friend, François arrived in Quebec on July 9, 2015 with his wife and two children. François loved Montreal right away, especially the skyscrapers and the highways. Because his friend had already found them an apartment, François was able to concentrate on his job search. He was looking forward to begin work. One week after arriving he started seasonal work as a farm hand. When winter came his contract ended. François hoped to find another job quickly as he had to provide for his family. He went knocking at placement agencies. He was able to land a few temporary jobs until a woman told him that Renaissance could help him to find more stable employment. “When I began my training as a stock handler, I was very well received. I love my training. I like to move and to be busy. I don’t even see the time passing. My heart is in my job. Renaissance is like a big family. Everyone helps each other. After my training, I would like to work as a stock handler for a big company. Renaissance has truly changed my life. I now have a promising future.”