“Renaissance was my second chance at life.” 

All her life, her entourage kept repeating that she would never find work because of her physical handicap. Finally, when she was twenty-two years old, she decided to take charge of things. She applied for many jobs only to have the doors slam shut. One day, a boss decided to give her a chance and slowly she was promoted up the ranks to an administrative position in a transportation company. Then the recession hit and after twenty-seven years of loyal service, she lost her job. She then went to a lot of interviews with no success. “The most positive aspect for me while I was doing my training in the transportation department at Renaissance was regaining my self-confidence and discovering my qualities and the competencies that I had to offer an enterprise”, she says with assurance. Francine hopes to remain employed for another twenty-seven years at her new job. “Today I continue to apply the good advice that my trainer, François, gave me; I remain positive and I continue to challenge myself!”, she concludes with confidence.