“Thanks to Renaissance I discovered that I have a strong interest in customer service.”

Farroudja arrived in Quebec on September 27, 2014. Originally from Algeria, she was a lab technician in a hospital there after having completed studies in Biochemistry. She and her husband decided to leave Algeria to seek new adventures. Their first days in Quebec were quite difficult. After finding an apartment which she liked, Farroudja tried to find a job, but her search was not successful. “I had hoped to continue my career in the health sector, but I lacked work experience in Quebec. Despite my professional experience and my studies, I had to start all over again.” During an integration session, a woman mentioned the retail sales training offered at Renaissance. “The management team and my counselor guided and supported me throughout my training. I surprised myself, because I caught on quickly and easily learned the new tasks. Thanks to Renaissance, I discovered that I have a strong interest in customer service. I like talking with people and helping them.” Today, Farroudja is the head cashier at L’intermarché. “I love my job, but I have decided to return to school next fall. I am going to study Nursing. I am excited to begin! My future job will allow me to pair my interest the health field and contact with the public.”