“My training at Renaissance helped me to grow. I got to know myself and gained self-confidence.”

Élizabeth worked for twenty-eight years as an orderly before professional training became a necessity. Due to the sale of the convent where she worked, Élizabeth lost her job and received severance pay for two years. Because she did not want to return to school to get her diploma, Élizabeth followed a four-month employment assistance program. It was her trainer who advised her to enrol in the job training program at Renaissance. Élizabeth had a difficult time at the beginning of the course as a sales clerk-sorter-cashier. She felt a bit rusty because she had not worked for a long time. “Everything was new for me and I was lacking confidence.” Élizabeth wanted to quit the program after the first two weeks because she didn’t believe that she would be able to complete it. “Thanks to the support of the management team and my trainer, I learned to know myself and gained self-confidence. They didn’t let go of me for a minute and I really appreciate it. The whole team urged me to persevere and go beyond the hardships. Thanks to this support, I continued my training and I have no regrets. Finally, I have grown and I really liked my experience. Being a very sociable person, I discovered I have an interest in customer service.” Since October 2014, Élizabeth works as a cashier at the IGA in Alexis-Nihon Plaza. “I found the right job for me! I like the contact with the public and I communicate easily with the clients.”