“My training at Renaissance really changed my life.” 

Diane was on welfare for a long time, but had always hoped to return to work. She began looking but had no success due to her age and prolonged inactivity. It was through her agent at Emploi-Québec that she heard about Renaissance. “My training as a sales clerk-sorter-cashier went very well. I was part of a great team which was very encouraging and made me feel like returning to the job market. I never thought that I could handle the cash register, but with everyone’s support, I surprised even myself! I am proud to have succeeded. My passage at Renaissance really saved me because I was depressed and discouraged. My life changed!” Today, Diane has moved to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu where she found a job as a cashier at Restaurant Patio Vidal. “Now I can spoil my daughter, find a better situation and get ahead in life”, she declared.