“Thanks to Renaissance, I have a promising future now.”

In Burundi, Chantal worked at a renowned bakery “La Baguette magique”. She had over five years of experience and had moved up the ranks. Chantal and her husband did not feel safe in Burundi and wanted to offer their children a brighter future. Her husband arrived in Quebec first. Chantal and her children came to join him, five years later in the middle of a snowstorm in 2011. It was a shock! Chantal could not envision living here and battling winter. Her search for work was equally difficult because she couldn’t find a stable job. She knocked on many doors which were quickly slammed shut because of her lack of work experience in Quebec. She was able to land several contracts through placement agencies, but they were all short term. It was one of Chantal’s former colleagues who suggested that she follow the job training program at Renaissance to acquire experience. “In the beginning, my training as a sales clerk-sorter-cashier was difficult. I had to learn a lot of things at the same time and adapt to the fast pace of the work. I felt overwhelmed and I was afraid I was not up to that level. The encouragement of the whole team made me want to stick it out. Because of the support of the team, I gained self-confidence and pride in my accomplishments.” Right after her training, Chantal found a job at the Bay in the Rockland Centre. She has been working there since July 2014. “Everything is going well! I’ve integrated easily into my team at work, and I’ve had good feedback from my boss. Thanks to Renaissance, I have a promising future now, and I see myself having a career at the Bay.”