“The training was, for me, a real renaissance.”

Brigitte chose to be a stay-at-home mother for her four children. When they became independent, she decided it was time for her to return to the workforce. However, she did not know where to begin. She spoke to her social worker who helped her discover the sales clerk-sorter-cashier training at Renaissance. After her meeting, Brigitte saw a newspaper ad for the training program at Renaissance. It was just the sign she was waiting for to apply! “When I started my training I was very uneasy. I felt fragile. I thought I was not able to succeed. Thanks to the encouragement from the management team and my counselor, I did not give up. I gained self-confidence and assurance. Renaissance changed my life. They helped me discover who I am. Now I am autonomous and independent. I make my own decisions. The training was, for me, a real renaissance.” Today Brigitte oversees security at the changing rooms at The Bay. “I like being in contact with the shoppers. I hope to make my career at The Bay and maybe eventually have a position in store security. I view the future serenely. My children encourage me to continue and to look forward.”