“At the end of my training, I will be able to find a stable job and provide a better future for my family.”

In Haiti, Bien-Aimé taught natural science and chemistry in the high schools of Port-au-Prince. At the same time, he was studying to be an agronomist. When he got his diploma, he worked for non-governmental organizations and as a volunteer mentor-trainer. In June 2012, Bien-Aimé left Haiti with his wife and their two children following the earthquake which devastated their country. He came to Quebec and started at zero. He found work as a stock handler at Sears two months after his arrival. He decided one year later to leave his job so that he could go back to school and study geography at UQAM. However, even with loans and bursaries, he was unable to support his family. He had to stop studying and begin looking for work. It was then that a friend of his wife spoke to him about Renaissance. Bien-Aimé is currently training as a housekeeping attendant at the De l’Église store. “I feel really great because now, I have a reason to get up in the morning. I like being part of a team and to interact with the clients. My training at Renaissance lets me acquire significant work experience. At the end of my training I will be able to find a stable job and provide a better future for my family.” With the help of his counsellor, Bien-Aimé has already started to think about his future. “My goal is to find a job in housekeeping in the education or health sector. I am working very hard to reach it.”