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Josée et Fanny

Participantes Fripe-Prix Saint-Laurent


Lunchroom Monitor at l’école des Cinq Continents


Participant at Fripe-Prix St-Laurent




CIUSSS du North-Island

« I was hired on the spot because I quickly understood what had to be done through my journey at Renaissance. »

This young graphic designer from Cameroun arrived in Quebec with a well-defined plan: gain experience in customer service and have significant work experience before starting her studies: a DVS of personal assistant in health facilities at the École des métiers des Faubourgs-de-Montréal.
She entered the Renaissance insertion path on the advice of a few friends and started working at the St-Hubert Street store. On her first day, she immediately sympathizes with the manager and her assistant : "They are very good people, we quickly got to know and understand each other. They have always been able to listen to me. "
Enthusiastic and loving teamwork, Chanceline quickly feels at ease and she invests herself as much in customer service as in the life of the store. "There was always a lot to do at the same time, a lot of challenges. All for the better because I had come to learn. In addition, I often stood up for other participants, because I like helping people. To integrate is not easy. "
Her journey completed, Chanceline followed his initial plan. She is now working with the CIUSSS North-Island : "I was hired on the spot because I quickly understood what had to be done through my journey at Renaissance. The counselor gave me a lot of advice and helped me manage my emotions and stress. Renaissance trains its employees well. "


Sales representative at UniFirst

“In less than two weeks I already had three interviews.”

As soon as he arrived in Quebec in 2016, Denis already had over fifteen years of professional experience in Sales. He quickly found work as a production assistant at a food processing plant, but, while still on the job there, he continued his job search, focusing on job offers in his field of study.
One day, he went to a Renaissance recruitment day and the recruiter was so impressed with his CV he advised him to go to the Employment Resource Centre.
After only two sessions with the employment counsellor, he already felt better equipped to continue his job search and applied on several sites. “In less than two weeks I already had three interviews. I came back to prepare for them and that is how I got hired at UniFirst.”
Denis has only good things to say about the employment counsellor. “She impressed me with her attentiveness, her advice, availability and her warm welcome. Thanks to her, I found a job as a sales representative. I am in a stable situation. I am confident.”




Seamstress and clothing sales clerk




Cashier at Winners


Participant at Fripe-Prix Portobello

« I enjoy helping the customers and I am proud of what I do here. »
While he was studying at CEGEP, Samuel realized that he was not happy there and decided to look for a job. While consulting the Emploi-Québec website he discovered the job training program at Renaissance and it appealed to him.
He enrolled as a participant at the Portobello store and is very happy with its dynamic environment focused on people. After two months in the program, Samuel had some problems but he remains optimistic. “I know that I will make mistakes, but I am here to learn and improve. I enjoy helping the customers and I am proud of what I do here.”
Motivated by the social mission at Renaissance, Samuel is already anticipating the end of his training. “It is good training for me, I feel that I will gain confidence. Once my training is completed, I will know how to promote myself to employers and highlight my skills.


employee in Customer Service at Rona