Easy for the donors

Would you like to give away some items without having to go outside? Renaissance has the solution for you: goBIN™. The goBIN™ is an excellent choice for donors who want to give a second life to their items. It can be installed in an entrance hall or the service area of an apartment building or an office tour; the goBIN™ is a handy, practical and accessible service. The following items can be deposited in the goBIN™: clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. The goBIN™ allows donors to easily divest of their goods while doing a complete social gesture: good for the community and good for the environment.

Donating in 2 simple and easy steps


un vêtement mis de côté à donner

Choose the item to donate.
goBIN™ pour réceptionner article

Place the item in the goBIN™
when you pass by.

Easy for landlords

The goBIN™ offers owners of apartment building and offices set themselves ahead of their competition. They offer residents and tenants the opportunity to do something good for the environment. They also help reduce costs by proposing a "green" solution to dispose of used goods which otherwise would probably end up in landfill sites.
The goBIN™ is an "intelligent" donation bin on the cutting edge of technology. Alerts are sent directly to Renaissance before the bin reaches its full capacity. The landlords don’t have to worry about that! The goBIN™ would never overflow!

Easy for Renaissance

Thanks to the goBIN™, Renaissance can reach a larger pool of potential donors in a single place and collect their donations in a simple, efficient and less costly way.

To have a collection so close to a donor source is very beneficial for donations. Indeed, donors are more likely to give regularly and that serves to increase the quality of donations.

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