Giving to Renaissance helps people to rebuild themselves, develop self confidence, gain their independence and find their place in society. A single donation can do all that because it literally transforms lives.

At Renaissance, 100% of your donations support our job training program followed by hundreds of people each year.


Take ecoresponsible action

The donations of clothing and household goods given to Renaissance constitute its economic engine. They also promote a “renaissance” in the chain of consumption, for the donated items which would otherwise, most likely end up in landfill sites. In 2018-2019, 1,004,600 donors chose to give to Renaissance and contributed to the diversion of 35,161,000 pounds of clothing and used goods; that is 17,580 tons (more than 100 blue whales!).

Act in the struggle against poverty and exclusion

Once received, the generously donated items are sorted, ticketed and put for sale in our stores across the Renaissance network. This allows us to offer clothing and household items at low prices and tax-free to people on a limited budget, as well as the general public.
Clients who shop at Renaissance also allow the organization to be 85% self-financed. All the revenue  frome the stores is 100% reinvested in the job training mission for new immigrants to Quebec or others having difficulties integrating into the workforce. These people, excluded, often underprivileged, find a second chance at Renaissance, a way to regain hope, dignity and autonomy.

Give wisely

It must be said that all the organizations which collect clothing and other goods do not make the best use of your donations. Indeed, some organizations lend their names to private companies and others solicit the public while pretending to be a charity, when really, they are for profit companies who collect your donations and sell them to the highest bidder. Most of the time, donors are unaware of this type of practise.
At Renaissance, your donations are actually part of a social, ecological and transparent process which allows you, with a simple gesture, to also help transform lives. 100% of your donations are reinvested locally to the benefit of a non-profit social mission.

You can learn more about this reality by watching these videos in French from the program “La Facture” which denounces these fraudulent practises.




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