Volunteer members are dedicated to the mission of Renaissance

The Board of Directors of Renaissance is comprised of community members, as well as the CEO of the organization who is a non-voting member. The board’s members have varied and complimentary skills and talents. They manage the business side of the organization, and exercise the powers established by law. The directors are all volunteers and have met five times this year.

Conseils d'administration renaissance

In the photo, for left to right from the top: Mrs. Zineb Aboussaâd (assistant to the CEO), Mr. Pierre Legault (CEO), Mrs. Chantal Clouâtre (Treasurer – LSR GesDev), Mr. Yves Prévost (Secretary – Prévost Notaires), Mr. Daniel Binette (Director – BFL Canada), Mr. Paul-André Lazure (Director – Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton), Mr. Robert Potvin (Director – De Grandpré Chait s.e.n.c.r.l.), Mrs. Sheila Murphy (Director), Mr. Yvon Arseneault (President) and Mrs. Janine Desrosiers-Choquette (Vice-President).