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With a diploma in administration, Daphne worked for two years in Haiti in a furniture store until 2010 when the earthquake devastated her country. Traumatized by what she had lived, she decided to join her brother in Quebec. Her arrival in the middle of winter was difficult. She started to look for work but was unsuccessful because of her lack of professional experience in Quebec. “My training at Renaissance went very well. I became autonomous, I could pay my rent, buy what I wanted, and that meant I was beginning to integrate. Now, I work at Walmart at night, as a warehouse clerk.”


Do good with your goods! 

When you give your used articles in a Renaissance Donation Bin, Centre or Store, you’re making much more than a pure ecological gesture: you’re helping a lot of people. Our organization offers hundreds of citizens the opportunity to reintegrate the workforce via our socioprofessionnal programs. So when you’re going for the Big Clean-Up plan, make it a great plan: and give your stuff to Renaissance.

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Isabelle Boulay, Antoine Bertrand and Anthony Calvillo do their fall clean-up to the benefit of Renaissance

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