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Latifa comes from Morocco, where she was an esthetician. She also studied hairdressing and pastry-making. Today, she is a Renaissance participant, working as a sales clerk–sorter–cashier. "When I began looking for work, I had interviews, but no one gave me a chance, because of my veil or my English. I was advised to come see Renaissance. I'm happy with my work. I'm getting training, I'm being paid, and I'm in contact with people and clients, and that helps me improve my French. All of this is good for me, for my morale." Latifa would like to pursue her dream of working in a pastry shop, once she has finished the Renaissance program.


Do good with your goods! 

When you give your used articles in a Renaissance Donation Bin, Centre or Store, you’re making much more than a pure ecological gesture: you’re helping a lot of people. Our organization offers hundreds of citizens the opportunity to reintegrate the workforce via our socioprofessionnal programs. So when you’re going for the Big Clean-Up plan, make it a great plan: and give your stuff to Renaissance.

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Isabelle Boulay, Antoine Bertrand and Anthony Calvillo do their fall clean-up to the benefit of Renaissance

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